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With MoMoney, investments become unstoppable

In comparison to other top nations, India still lags behind in terms of investment. As per the Mint reports a total of 3% of the Indian population invest in stock markets. While the USA, UK, and China are way ahead with 55%, 33%, and 13% respectively. Most Indians have the perception that stock markets are gambling and high risky. Despite that, many Demat accounts have been opened since the pandemic broke worldwide because of the awareness that the influencers spread.

However, Indians still lack behind when managing monthly spending and investments.

This is where the founders of MoMoney pitch their idea for filling the gap between spending and investing.


Manasvi Saxena –

“Serial product builder, I love building things that solve real-world problems”

He is a self-taught programmer who started building products at 16 years old. He graduated with ECE from Jaypee University in 2019 and joined the engineering team at BetterPlace. He led multiple teams and built large-scale products from scratch for the blue-collar segment there.

He then joined the engineering team at FamPay in Oct 2021 where he worked on infra, scale, user acquisition, and earnings.

Sumit Agarwal-

Hit me up with a problem that everyone else told you is impossible to solve.
He is a self-taught programmer, who started programming right from the third standard. After graduating with CSE from Jaypee university in 2019, Sumit worked on a small case in the engineering team. He was also the founding team member of Tickertape. A few years later he joined FamPay before founding MoMoney.

Nimitt Juneja –

I love solving problems creatively for anything. From legal to finance, product to brand, business to growth.

He graduated with CSE from Jaypee University in 2019. He joined the core engineering team for UPI at Juspay in Aug 2019 and worked closely with external agencies like Axis Bank, NPCI, and Amazon Pay. He then joined FamPay in Aug 2021 and worked in operations and partnerships.

Fintech startups are thriving in India, whether they focus on stock markets, mutual funds, or other areas. However, it is hard to find a startup that provides all of these services at once.

The founding team comes with years of Fintech experience working at the small case, Tickertape, JUSPAY, and FamPay. 

“We realized that even after our background, we faced many hurdles regarding wealth management. From figuring out what assets to choose to try out multiple apps for each, it was a lot of friction and a constant juggle. Hence we decided to build something in this space” said one of the co-founders 

“We are a group of passionate problem solvers who believe in identifying a hurdle in the system, optimizing the user experience, and making it so seamless that there’s no going back from it.”

What actually MoMoney serves

We at MoMoney are building a savings app focused on maximizing users’ investments. We are enabling users to make the best use of their investment potential by

1. Auto-investing their month-end balance into Gold, FD, Mutual Funds, and many more  – “Dynamic SIP” as we call it.

2. Giving instant credit up to 100% of the invested amount to solve for liquidity.

To top it all we have the ability to connect to an existing bank account and provide these features with minimum friction.

With MoMoney, investors are able to invest more from an early age and their investments automatically increase in months when they spend less or when their income grows.

In case they need money they don’t have to break their investments and can get instant credit in their bank accounts.

In terms of growth and projections, MoMoney is currently building an MVP and plans to launch by the end of the year.

On Future Ambitions

“We want to solve banking and wealth management for 443M Indian millennials”


Varun is a stock market enthusiast and passionate writer. He has 2+ years of experience in writing about stock market and personal finance.