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Why property prices are rising in Hyderabad? | Hyderabad Real Estate

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Whatever it so, Real Estate is highly benefitting from developments that are happening in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, the capital city of the newly formed state of Telangana, is located in the southern region of India. Before the bifurcation happened, Hyderabad was the capital of Andhra Pradesh. It’s also called the city of pearls and the land of Nizams. During Nizam’s rule, Hyderabad had a rich diamond trade legacy. There has been a boom in development and expansion in Hyderabad for the past two decades. When CBN was the chief minister of collective Hyderabad, he decided to develop Cyber Towers which is now the center of attraction for Hitech city.

Going to the main point

There are four points on rising prices in Hyderabad

  • Developments
  • Rise in Population
  • Global crisis
  • Rumours & creating demand.


There is no doubt that Hyderabad is witnessing massive investments and developments from private and government institutions alike. Be it the pharma sector or IT and even services sectors are showing optimistic expansion in Hyderabad.  The western part is largely dominated by Hyderabad, where most IT companies are located. Regions like Gachibowli, Madhapur, and Miyapur. The main headquarters of Amazon is located in Nanakramguda, a town in the west of the city. So, definitely, the ongoing developments and establishments are going benefit the city for sure.

Rise in Population

Land prices are steadily rising due to the population increase. The main reason is the emigration of the population from different states. Hyderabad has numerous companies with ample employment. So, people from different states wish to stay in Hyderabad for employment purposes. Also, Hyderabad weather is quite suitable and adjustable for other state belonging people. 

Also, a large interest is coming from married couples working in Hyderabad. Software engineers are also having attentiveness to real estate acquisition. 

Global crisis

The global crisis has made real estate a preferable asset when investments are concerned. When the Ukraine-Russia war broke out, the stock market fell like a falling ball. The index was down about 2-3% until August-September. Numerous NRIs and investment-minded people have included real estate in their portfolios instead of adding more stocks and digital assets.

While Real Estate will also give a passive income, investors look at the increment obviously.

Rumours & creating demand.

Some may say that the real estate bubble in Hyderabad is going to burst anytime sooner. Be ready for it.

Investors and new home buyers may benefit from the above three points, but real estate brokers and developers will benefit most from this final one. I am forced to say this because of the misinformation being disseminated on the real estate market, especially by real estate agents.

While some say “now or never”, “invest now or regret later”, or “the best investment in this world is land”, those may sound good, but in practice neither they nor you are being cheated.

A house is a house. We live in one house not in 100 at a time. 

Real Estate is an illiquid asset that takes quite a long time to sell any property. The appreciation depends on the location and benefits the land is having. On average, the rental income from a property barely gives 2-3% that too when the flat is occupied by the tenants.

We have seen in China that With the overproduction of houses, complete real estate sectors had been collapsed. As long as buyers are available, houses will be sold. But what if the production of houses crosses the actual demand?

Now that is the situation in Hyderabad. 

We deal with commercial properties and residential properties in Hyderabad. We are a trusted company and maintain due diligence while acquiring a property to list on our site and promoting the project for our customers. If you are looking for any property in Hyderabad, contact us to know to more.

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Why property prices are rising in Hyderabad?

Rise in Population
Global crisis
Rumours & creating demand.