Wall Street giants forecast


Amazon to report its third-quarter results on 27 October this month

Amazon stock was up 5.26% in the last five days but after hours it was down by 4.35%

Amazon agreed to a new partnership with Hawaiian airlines related to eCommerce to deliver a cargo


Microsoft has recovered 5.76% in the last five days but has fallen 6.66% in the after-hours today.

Microsoft has revealed that its Cloud revenue was lowered than expected.

Lower PC demand and a Strong Dollar are factoring in its growth in the down way

Net income has also reduced from 20.51 billion in the last year to 17.56 this year.


Tesla bounced back 1.29% in the last five days but remained down after hours by 2.38% 

 Morgan Stanley has said “ Tesla is like a Chinese company because of the profit that is generated there.

Tesla has cut down its prices in China by about 9% for its Model 3 and Model Y.
Musk said he is expecting Tesla to be “Recession Resilient”


Apple stock was up by 7.62% in the past five days while it was down 0.95% after hours today.

Fed may ease up the interest rates in the coming months. This move could bring dollar strengthing down and can help apple to make new sales overseas.

Apple Q4 results are due on 27 October this month.

Morgan Stanley names Apple as a top pick