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Top 5 best dividend paying stocks in March 2023 |

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Nothing is more fascinating than making passive income, which really helps you build a substantial income without even working for it. On top of the share price increase, investors receive dividends as additional income which are directly credited into bank accounts. 

So, with making further adieu let’s look at the top dividend givers are their Ex-dividend dates 

What is a dividend 

Shareholder dividends are payments made by a company to its shareholders. In general, dividends are paid after the company’s results have been announced. Dividends are distributed based on the face value of the shares and can be fixed at any amount per share.

What are the types of dividends?

There are various types of dividends like Special dividends, Interim dividends, and final dividends

Here are the best dividend stocks list


Marico is an Indian consumer brand started in 1987 by Harsh Mariwala. It is the top 4th consumer brand in India having a market capitalization of around 64k crores and sits below Varun Beverages. 

Marico is an expert in producing coconut oil, edible oils, health, and beauty products. Some of its well-known brands are Parachute, Soffola, and Setwet. 

Marico’s dividend yield is around 1.85% which is quite respectable to accept. 

Marico’s dividend history. 

Dividend 08 March 20234.5 rupees per share
Dividend 04 February 20226.25 rupees per share
Dividend 08 Nov 20213 rupees per share
Dividend 10 Mar 20214.5 rupees per share
Dividend 05 Nov 20203 rupees per share
Marico dividend history

CG Power products

An Indian multinational company engaged in electrical equipment and engineering, CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd. CG Power has a global presence in over 30 countries, and it is headquartered in Mumbai.

CG Power products

power transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, and automation solutions.

Sector – Electrical equipment

Dividend 15 March 20231.5 rupees per share
CG power dividend history


Crisil is the industry leader in India with having the highest market cap in its segment. Crisil is the credit rating agency used by lenders, banks, and regulators to calculate the creditworthiness of companies.

Sector – Ratings

Dividend31 March 202323 rupees per share
Dividend04 Nov 202210 rupees per share
Dividend04 Aug 20228 rupees per share
Dividend06 May 20227 rupees per share
Dividend30 Mar 202215 rupees per share
Crisil dividend history

SBI Life insurance

SBI life insurance company is the India’s second largest company in providing different types of insurances and policies.

It is a joint venture between SBI bank and BNP Paribas Cardif. SBI life insurance has a strong network of 900 branches and approximately 18,000 advisors in India.

Sector – insurance

Through SBI life insurance has declared the dividend, it has not specified the exact numbers.

Please refer to the Dividend details

Hindustan Aeronautics

Hindustan Aeronautics is the India’s largest defence company which was founded in 1940. It produces various defence related products like fighter jets, transport aircraft, helicopters, and ships.

Sector – Defence

Through Hindustan Aeronautics has declared the dividend, it has not specified the exact numbers.

Please refer to the Dividend details

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