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This Hyderabad based Real Estate startup is helping builders to connect with customers

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Deccan Progressive Realty is a Professional  Real Estate Consulting Company that associates with Developers as a Sales PMC & assists the builder on a wide range of services to ramp up & elevate the sales operations in order to effectively help conversions at the builder/ Developer end.

Real-Estate in India is the largest invested asset class aiming to reach the $1 trillion market by 2030. This non-alternative asset is still the most favored asset class for many Indian investors amid the outbreak of the pandemic. It has not even taken the complete shock given by the Covid epidemic but in fact, it bounced back to its actual stage within two years.

Although real estate is the biggest investing asset, it still lacks the interconnection between the builders and the customers to lead to a successful sale.

This is where Rajiv Williams has pitched an idea to fill the gap for both

Rajiv Williams an MBA graduate of Lincoln University  Entered the Restaurant Franchising Business & Simultaneously began Investing in the Yadadri Region in early 2012 & Later on went on to be onboarded to PVR Developers as a Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development. Later he stepped on to organizing mentorships programs which then gave rise to his own venture called “Deccan Progressive Realty” 

Deccan progressive realty mainly focuses on organizing mentorships for builders for complete brand maintenance & sales operations that go on to yield desirable results via sales. It offers a complete array of resources for a builder to connect with the customer until the sale gets successfully concluded.

To bridge the gap between the Developer & the End user by strengthening the builder ecosystem and providing the best-suited customized sales mechanisms to succeed at sales & cash flow generation,” Rajiv Williams Managing director of Deccan Progressive realty told thewallstreeteye

Dprealty has built with a vision to provide end-to-end service to the real estate industry as a whole. While the traditional real estate firms are still way behind on adopting the technology, DP Realty has used a broad range of measures to bring down the project funding cost, and implement simpler effective solutions at the builder end by using present-day metrics.

While talking about the current growth and projection, Rajiv Williams said “We have received an amazing response from several developers wanting to associate with us. We see working

with at least 10 developers by end of 2023. That would be a Collective average inventory size of at least 15k cr portfolio that we would be managing/influencing”

Hyderabad is by far the most suitable investment location in India not only invested by retailers but also by foreign institutions. As per the CII Anarock survey on the NRI Housing wishlist, Hyderabad is one of three cities on the list. Rajiv Williams is also optimistic about Hyderabad which is his prime operating location at present.

In talking about future ambitions, the venture has plans to expand its services to a few other locations in the future. Rajiv Williams told us that ‘To aim to be as the sought after go-to company for unhinged & unbiased real estate investment advisory & aggregation, I aim to be an aggregator of various services that are required to be provided and I aspire to be able to provide all of them under one umbrella. Examples – Hiring & Training Young Professionals, Vendor Management, Interiors & Contractors, Project Planning & Feasibility Analysis Reports, Project Funding & Home Loans, Civil Contracting & Material Management, etc being some of them.

Some more Q&A

Your biggest achievements so far

In all humility, no achievement is big enough to satisfy or quench the thirst of an entrepreneur. I personally am thankful for all those who are on my team & those who are on the outside who are constant supporters and well-wishers who constantly motivate me & encourage us to do better. I think having an amazing amount of human capital on your side is by far the biggest achievement I could think of. Humbly speaking.

Anything else you want to add

I’d like to truly emphasize the need to change the face of real estate in Hyderabad Telangana by contributing to the real estate sector in any and every manner in which I can, my aim is to help young millennials choose real estate as a profession they’d aspire to be in and not look at it as something they do when they fail at everything else. I want to be able to see a graduate say I wish to be a Real Estate Professional.


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