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The T hub is making Hyderabad a startup hotspot

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There might be no better place in the world to start a business than Hyderabad. The city of Pearl is now shining with its adaptable ecosystem and amazing support.

There is no doubt that this has had a huge impact on the startup ecosystem, despite the fact that it may sound conventional to some people.

T hub was initially launched in 2015 at the international institute of information technology (IIIT) at Gachibowli. Later Indian School of Business and Nalsar university joined the club.

The main objective of T hub is to assist young entrepreneurs in pitching their ideas. When a person has a great idea and wants to turn it into a product or service, T hub will guide him from the start to successfully convert it.

In fact, T hub is the largest incubator in the world.

So far T hub has helped 2,000 startups with various things such as building teams, helping the startup to raise funds, and finding markets.

T hub 2.0 was inaugurated in the month of July by the chief minister of Telangana. It has been built with 700 cores and the total build area is around 5.82 lakh sqft.

Various programs have been initiated by the T hub on promoting women’s empowerment.

Not only from India, but people around the country are coming to the T hub to showcase their ideas and prototypes and to get help from industry stalwarts.

It has made Hyderabad a dream location to make their dream come true.

Gradually Hyderabad is becoming a world leader in IT and development. Hyderabad is now the second silicon valley in south India after Bangalore.

Until now 100+ events, 1860+ crore fundraise, 2000+ mentors, and 100+ exclusive programs had completed.

KTR the IT minister of Telangana has taken a keen interest in developing the T hub with his initiatives.