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Stumagz facilitates internships and participation in events for students

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Stumagz is an online communication and collaboration platform for educational institutions for students who want to discover internships and networking which their colleges fail to provide.

Stumagaz offers internships, meetups, and events for students across all the colleges. Any student can participate in those activities irrespective of the college’s reputation. 

Students can chat in Stumagz and explore their ideas with their peers and can collaborate with each other on building something valuable. 

How Stumagz can help students and benefit them –

  • Students registered with Stumagz will get to know what things are happening in different colleges. This in turn increases their competitiveness.
  • Networking – Students can easily network with other people from different parts of the world. 
  • Placements – Placements become hassle-free with Symagz. In Stumagz a student can upload his/her skills and personal interests and preferences. This in turn becomes untroubled for companies to hire for a perfect role.

Founder – Stumagz CEO

Sri Charan Lakkaraju is the Founder and CEO of Stumaz. Prior to starting Stumagz, Charan worked at Infosys as a system engineer for about 3 years right after his graduation. 

His innovative mindset has made a shape Stumagz which primarily focuses on Tier 2 and tier 3 colleges.

He left his lucrative paying job to take up an initiative for helping students to exposure on multiple streams that an ideal student must possess.

Stumagz is also a part of the THUB initiative of startup encouragement. Stumagz often conducts meetups and events in THub by bringing industry experts on related topics to make interactions with the students.

Stumagz currently has more than 100k downloads in the google play store.

Stumagz Internship

You can browse through various internship opportunities on Stumagz’s opportunities page if you are looking for an internship in your particular field.

The entire process is seamless and effortless.

Also, there is a preference for the Student tribe which you can discover on Stumagz website.

Forbes 2018

Stumagz was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018.



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