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SBI Sip Calculator – Calculate your mutual fund’s returns

Calculate your mutual fund returns with our well-optimized SIP calculator

SBI SIP calculator

SBI Mutual Funds is an Asset management company by the State Bank of India that was incorporated in 1987. SBIFMPL was a joint venture between the State Bank of India, the Indian Public sector bank, and Amundi. As of now, SBI owns a 63% stake in SBIFMPL and the 37% stake is held by AMUNDI Asset Management through a wholly-owned subsidiary, Amundi India Holding.

Did you that the first mutual fund in India was Unit Trust of India which was started by the government of India as well as the RBI? SBI mutual funds were started in 1987 which was a non-UTI fund.

As of December 2022, SBI Mutual funds collectively has 7,21,730 crore Assets under management.

How to use the SBI SIP calculator on the thewallstreeteye website.

Using SBI Calculator on the thewallstreeteye website is very simple and effortless. You just have to visit the SIP calculator page and follow these steps

  1. Enter the investment amount that are you willing to invest and select the time period.
  2. Then select the investment period and enter the time period that you are willing to invest. EX 1yr or 2yrs
  3. Now click on the expected annual returns option and enter your expected returns.
  4. In the last step enter the inflation and then click on calculate.

Is the SBI SIP calculator worth using

Yes of course the SBI Sip calculator plays a pivotal role in calculating SIP annualized returns. Without calculating the SBI Sip returns, it is difficult to annualize the returns.


From us, we have delivered an amazing calculator which even has the adjusted inflation returns. The SBI Sip calculator is a very crucial tool to calculate the returns of your mutual funds.

Which SIP is best in SBI

There are a lot of SBI mutual funds that we cannot recommend. However please visit to have a look at the SBI mutual funds.


SBI Sip is a systematic investment plan where you can invest a certain amount every in a dedicated period of time like once in a month or in a quarter.