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Ryzer makes real estate affordable for everyone | Surya Gedela

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Today, it is likely that real estate is so expensive that only the rich can afford it, leaving the middle class and the poor with nothing to look at. Despite the fact that traditional real estate continues to exist today, a lot of problems persist when it comes to completing transactions between sellers and buyers. Real estate is clearly embracing technology, but the actual problems remain where it is.

This is where Mr. Surya pitched the idea to bridge the gap between digital real estate and affordable ownership. 

Surya is the founder and CEO of Reapp Technologies. Surya brings a rich and diverse experience of 10+ years in core banking, insurance & Low code product development segment. He is an avid reader with a vision to re-share the unstructured & irregular landscape of the property market in India. He has a keen interest in emerging areas of law like Blockchain, Proptech, Lowcode, No-code development, financial technology, and Sustainable energy segments.

He has done his education at the Andhra university

Talking about Ryzer, Surya explained that his vision is to make real estate investing easier by making people invest in high-yield rental & capital appreciated properties such as “Hotels, Co-work, PG’s, Malls, ware-houses, and holiday homes across India with as little as starts with per Prop token ₹5,000.

About Ryzer 

Ryzer is a blockchain tokenization investment platform that makes it easy to start investing in real-world assets and diversifying your investment portfolio—just like investing in stocks or mutual funds. With as little as Rs. 5000, first-time investors can begin building their real estate investment portfolio by leveraging the power of blockchain technology which helps select and secure high-growth Open land, residential, commercial, and ongoing development assets from the Ryzer platform.

How Ryzer helps people 

1) Creates the opportunity for a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade tokens of real estate.

2. Reduces/Eliminates intermediaries.

3. Increases liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets.

4. Increases access to fractional ownership.

5. Decentralisation creates trust and security.

6. Allows real estate transactions to truly become peer-to-peer.

7. Allows investors to diversify their risk.

Ryzer is an early-stage bootstrapped company aiming to become the no one decentralized real-estate investing platform in India

Talking about how can an investor makes money using Ryzer, Surya told that there are two ways to make money 

1) Selling the asset you have invested in and its monthly income

2) Appreciation is paid back after the sale of the asset 

Ryzer has a very interactive user interface where a user can track his/her portfolio very easily and has a dedicated wallet that helps in transferring funds conveniently.


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