Retail stocks outlook

Retail stocks are showing unprecedented growth in this economic adversity. As FED is continually increasing Interest rates, retail sectors have been utterly affected from making new sales. but despite this move, stocks are actually performing well than expected.


Target stock was up by 6.86% in the last five days and even showed a positive move following after-hours.


Target on Wednesday said that it will triple the number of Apple at its target mini shops.  

Along with Bestbuy and Walmart, Target will also be closed on Thanksgiving

Target CEO commented “We will see healthy spending despite unusual economic times.


Amazon was up by 1.83% in the last 5 days. It alone was hampered down by 4% in yesterday’s trade.


Amazon is facing cloud growth issues along with Microsoft.

JP Morgan still sees Amazon as a best-investing idea ahead of its Q3 earnings report.

Stock is possibly dropping with the sympathy for FAANG stocks.


Walmart has surged 5.3% in the last five days despite the low retail period. Even it is showing a minute growth in after hours


Walmart rising up to $ 3 billion to expand its Flipkart India Biz

Walmart’s CTO has said that Crypto will be an important part of customers doing transactions.

Walmart health grows with new 16 health centers in Florida