You are currently viewing Paytm share price target 2023, 2025 and 2030

Paytm share price target 2023, 2025 and 2030

Paytm share price target 2023, 2025, and 2030 – Paytm is probably the most used fintech app in India for processing digital payments. Paytm is India’s largest digital payments app that facilitates digital payments in India. Paytm facilitates mobile recharges, Online shopping, peer-to-peer payments, Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, Ticket Booking, Insurance, Stock broking, and many other services. Vijay Shankar Sharma is the founder and CEO of Paytm.

Paytm is one of the largest payments banks launched in 2009 as a mobile payments bank to enable cash-free payments. Paytm is India’s leading digital ecosystem for consumers as well as merchants.

list of Paytm share price targets for 2023 and 2025 

Paytm is undoubtedly one of the best stocks to buy expect not considering its financials. The company is growing tremendously well by adding new customers to its services.

However, predicting its price target at this time is too early as it is newly listed in the market. But with our expert analysis, we will give you a target that is based on the previous moment of the share and the considering similar stocks.

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Paytm share price target 2023

Currently, Paytm is providing a wide variety of online financial services to its customers. Some of them are, Paytm serves as a payment gateway for customers and merchants to make seamless payments from cards, bank accounts, and other e-wallets. Paytm also provides a range of payment facilities, such as mobile recharges, bill payments, movie tickets, taxis, train and flight tickets, loan payments, insurance, and forex.

The target for Paytm’s share price for 2023 is 653 to 710

Paytm share price target 2025

Paytm had declared its IPO on Nov 8 2021 as the opening date for subscription and the listing date was Nov 18, 2021. But surprisingly it was listed with a 27% loss at 1,950 whereas the issue price was 2,150.

The target for Paytm’s share price for 2025 is 947 to 1,190

Paytm share price target 2030

Paytm has a huge market capture in the merchant segment. When you visit a show, there you can witness the Paytm soundbox that notifies the merchant whenever a transaction is made.

The OR code of Paytm is also pasted in the walls which can also process payments directly to the merchant’s account.

The share price target of Paytm in 2030 is 3,400 to 3560

Paytm share price targets table

yearShare price targets
2023653 to 710
2025947 to 1,190
20303,400 to 3560
Paytm share price targets list

About Paytm company

Paytm was initially started by Vijay Shankar Share in August 2010 with an initial investment of 2 million dollars. In the beginning, the company was serving as a prepaid mobile and DTH recharge platform. But later it added numerous other services like electricity payment, landline bills, train bookings, education fees, fast tag, and others.  

In 2016 at the time of demonization, Paytm witnessed a surge in registrations and users due to the lack of liquid cash in everyone’s packet. In 2017 Paytm received huge funding from Softbank by taking its valuation to $10 billion dollars. In 2018 Berkshire Hathway also bought a minority stake in Paytm at about 3-4% by investing $356 million.

Paytm IPO details

Paytm released its IPO on 26 Nov 2021 with a size of  ₹ 18,300 Cr and the price range is ₹ 2080 – 2150. But surprisingly on listing day itself, the share tanked 28%.

Paytm IPODetails
Open Date08 Nov
Close Date10 Nov
Lot size6
IPO Price Range ₹ 18,300 Cr
Min Investment₹ 2080 – 2150
Listing ExchangeNSE, BSE
Basis of Allotment15 Nov
Credit to Demat Account17 Nov
Refunds16 Nov
Non-Institutional (NII)0.05 Times
Retail Individual1.23 Times
Listing Date18 Nov
Paytm IPO details

Key ratios of Paytm

Paytm belongs to an online payments bank that delivers a wide range of financial services to its customers. Some of them are online payments through QR codes, online insurance, online bill payments, a numerous other services. According to a report by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), Paytm had a market share of around 15% in terms of the total volume of transactions processed in India in 2020.

Current market cap of Paytm – The current market cap of Paytm company is  41,430.06 Cr

ROE and ROCE of Paytm – The ROE and ROCE of Paytm are Nil and Nil. The company is still not making any money.

The P/E is also nil whereas P/B is at 3.47

Swot analysis of Paytm


Strong Brand Recognition: Paytm is a well-known brand in India, and it has a strong reputation for providing reliable and secure digital payment services.

Diversified Offerings: Paytm offers a wide range of services, including mobile payments, e-commerce, digital banking, and financial services, making it a one-stop shop for customers.

Large User Base: Paytm has a large and loyal user base of over 350 million registered users, which helps the company maintain a dominant market position in India’s digital payments market.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Paytm has a user-friendly interface that allows customers to make transactions easily and quickly, even those who are not tech-savvy.


Dependence on Mobile Networks: Paytm’s services are largely dependent on mobile networks, which can be unreliable in some parts of India. This can lead to a negative user experience and affect customer retention.

Limited Global Presence: Paytm’s services are primarily focused on the Indian market, and it has a limited international presence, which could limit its growth potential.

Heavy Competition: Paytm faces stiff competition from other digital payment companies like Google Pay, PhonePe, and Amazon Pay, which could lead to a loss of market share and revenue.


Expansion of Financial Services: Paytm can expand its financial services offerings, such as wealth management and insurance, to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

Increased Adoption of Digital Payments: With the government’s push towards a cashless economy and the growing preference for contactless payments, Paytm has an opportunity to gain a larger market share.

Strategic Partnerships: Paytm can leverage strategic partnerships with merchants and other companies to increase its customer base and revenue.


Government Regulations: The government of India could introduce new regulations or policies that could impact Paytm’s operations and revenue.

Cybersecurity Risks: Paytm’s digital platform is vulnerable to cybersecurity risks, such as hacking and data breaches, which could lead to a loss of customer trust and revenue.

Technological Disruptions: The rapid pace of technological advancements could lead to the emergence of new competitors or technologies that could disrupt Paytm’s business model.

Shareholding pattern of Paytm share

Foreign direct investors71.83%
Domestic institutional investors3.18%

Peer Comparison

Infibeam Avenues

Suvidhaa Infoserve


Well, we hope that till now you have got all your doubts cleared and are ready to take a decision. Paytm has been one of the phenomenal fintech companies in India that is expanding its services aggressively. We all know that due to the recession fears and high inflation, most companies are failing to record growth in their year-on-year performance, Paytm is also one of them. We must only target long-term growth neglecting short-term troubles. In this article, we have explained “Paytm share price target 2023 and 2025 ” in detail. You can even read the other company share targets on our dedicated page

Source – Akshat Srivatsava
Paytm share price prediction

Paytm is one of India’s largest digital banks that has a huge customer base with regular mass transactions. Paytm is still underperforming from its Initial Public offering. So, we cannot predict the share price until the company makes a profit.

Paytm share price target 2030

Online digital payment usage is skyrocketing in India due to its sheer usage and effortless transactions. In this segment, we can only find a couple of companies opening with a huge customer base. Paytm is a significant player in this segment. The Paytm share price target for 2023 is 653 to 710

Paytm share price target 2023

Merchant transfer is a significant part that Paytm serves in India. The merchant transfer allows the merchants to transfer the funds from a Paytm account to a bank account. The share price target in 2023 is 947 to 1,190

What is the future of Paytm share price?

This future is bright for Paytm share. As our country is leveraging digital usage and adoption in our daily life, Paytm can see very significant growth as well as long-term profitability.


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