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My first loss in the stock market as a teen

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My first investment in the stock market was as a teen.

In this blog, I’m gonna share with you the first loss that I made from the stock market and the stock I bought for the first time.

I will not elaborate for too long rather I will complete it in just a few passages. 

It was on October 1st that I made my first investment in 2021. The shares I bought were from Tata Motors and the quantity was just 4.

The price of one share is 332.65 i.e ( 332.65*4=1330.6)

Again on 4 October, I bought 5 more shares at 339 making a total of 9 with an average price of 336.17.

The total amount for these shares is 3,025.

As a side note, the above amount was my pocket money then, which I hadn’t spent on anything else. But just took a risk to enter the stock market.

At that time my age was 18 and a half.

Coming back to the trade

I sold 9 shares on 7 October at a price of 334.00

Clearly, I made a loss of 2.17 per share i.e 19.53 rupees overall.

The money was not mine nor I earned but it was my family’s hard-earned income. I might start this risky journey too early but I think age doesn’t matter when we are committed and got fascinated. From that date to now I made numerous trades where sometimes I got very little profit and sometimes huge losses. If you ask me “ what have you earned so far by taking risks and mental stress” My answer would be “ Commitment and resilience”

This is my short and simple story on how I made my first loss in the stock market.

Lessons I learned

Before investing in shares I thought I will make huge profits with low investment that too in less time than possible. This confidence I got from social media influencers and youtube because they somehow over exaggerate their returns to show the public and to get massive reach. But later knowing the actual scenario I made up my mind that investing is better than trading and making easy money in the stock market is not possible at all.


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