Mukul Agarwal – Top 10 stock holdings

In this article let’s look at one of the most successful investors in India. His name is Mr. Mukul Agarwal and he is known for value investing in India. Mukul Agarwal is a committed long-term investor who invests in value stocks similar to Warren Buffet.

About Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal is a guniess record holder and a 2-time TedX speaker. He has a youtube channel named Mukul Agarwal and is the founder of Finowings, a stock market-related website that provides. You can see more about his life story on his youtube channel.

He wrote a book related to the stock market. The book’s name is The Simplest Book For Technical Analysis

You can buy the book through the amazon. I’m giving the link below

Mukul Agarwal’s Top 10 Stock Holdings

Here are the top 10 holdings of Mukul Agarwal

Raymond192.9 Cr1.8%
Radico Khaitan167.8 Cr1.1%
Intellect Design147.2 Cr1.8%
Neuland Laboratories116.9Cr3.1%
Ion Exchange 114.5 Cr1.9%
Apollo Pipes100.5 Cr3.8%
Ceat Ltd94.9 Cr1.4%
Allcargo Logistics93.8 Cr1.3%
Mukul Agarwal’s Top 10 Stock Holdings table

Mukul Agarwal’s net worth

Mukul Agarwal is the 4th largest individual investor in India with a combined net worth of 3,281 crores. He has invested in 59 companies in India.

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