Motherson Sumi share price target 2023, 2025, and 2030 

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Motherson Sumi share price target by 2023, 2025, and 2030 – Motherson Sumi also known as Samavardhana Motherson Sumi is an Indian company that deals in manufacturing and supplying automotive components. It is one of the largest producers of wiring harnesses, rearview mirrors, injection molding, and other automotive components.

Motherson Sumi was founded in 1983, as an automotive parts manufacturer. The company has a presence in over 41 countries and also has several joint ventures. The company is a leader in manufacturing exterior rear-view mirrors and also polymer-based interior and exterior modules.

Let’s look at the share targets

Motherson Sumi share price target by 2023, 2025, and 2030 list

The company is amongst the largest producer of rare view mirrors and polymer-based interior and exterior modules. The company has a global presence in delivering rear-view mirrors and other modules. The automobile sector is one of the thriving sectors in India which is expected to grow at 9% CAGR between 2022-2027.

The electric market is also expected to reach 50,000 crore (US$ 7.09 billion) in India by 2025. Also CEEW Centre for Energy Finance has claimed that the electric vehicle market is expected to reach US$ 206 billion by 2030.

Motherson Sumi share price target by 2023

Motherson Sumi has acquired numerous companies so far. Some of its acquisitions are

  1. Wexford Electronics – Wexford Electronics is an Irish company that deals in wiring harnesses for material handling and earthmoving equipment
  2. Empire Rubber – In 2006, Motherson Sumi acquired Empire Rubber
  3. Visiocorp – In 2009, Motherson Sumi acquired the world’s largest rearview mirror manufacturer Empire Rubber
  4. Peguform – In 2011, the company acquired Peguform, an interior and exterior polymer module maker.

The share price target of Motherson Sumi in 2023 is 85-90

Motherson Sumi share price target by 2025

Motherson Sumi serves numerous car manufacturers in the world. Those include Mercedes Benz, Audi, and many others. Let’s look at the revenue share by companies

  1. Mercedes Benz contributes 14.6% of its revenue share
  2. Audi has a share of 12.3% revenue share
  3. Volkswagen also contributes a significant amount i.e 9.3%
  4. The remaining companies are Proshe with 5.5%, BMW with 4.7%, Renault with 4.2%, Maruti Suzuki with 3.9%, and remaining others.

Motherson Sumi share price target by 2030

The most impressive thing about Motherson Sumi is it has 241 270 facilities across 41 countries, the company derived 89% of FY21 revenues from abroad. So there will be no impact on the company if the automobile sector plunges in India. Let’s look at the revenue share of the company by countries

  1. 21.4% of its revenue comes from Germany as the country is the leader in making iconic cars like Mercedes, BMW, and others.
  2. The USA contributes 15.2% to its revenue share.
  3. China has a share of 11.5%
  4. India accounts for 10.8% of its total revenue and the remaining France with 6.4% and Mexico with 5.3%.

The share price target of Motherson Sumi in 2030 is 210-223

Key ratios of Matheson Sumi

Motherson Sumi belongs to the Auto Ancillary sector.

Current market cap – The current market cap of Maruti Suzuki is ₹ 2,48,563.56 Cr.

Current market cap – The current market cap of Motherson Sumi is ₹ 55,058.42 Cr.

ROE and ROCE – ROE and ROCE are the two main important ratios to consider to analyze a company’s performance and ability to make income.

The current ROE is at 4.24  and ROCE is at 4.44%

P/E and P/B – Price to earnings and price to bookings are the ratios to measure the company’s capacity to earnings per share and the value of the share.

The P/B is at 1.74 and the P/E is at 51.71

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Motherson Sumi technical analysis chart

Advantages and Disadvantages of  Mothersumi

Advantages of Maruti Suzuki company

Diversified Product Portfolio – The company offered numerous products like wiring harnesses, rearview mirrors, plastic components, modules, and more.

Global Presence: MSSL has a global presence in manufacturing facilities and offices in various countries. The company also has several strategic partnerships with the automobile manufacturing companies.

Customer Relationships – Motherson Sumi has a very good relationship with luxury car manufacturers to medium car manufacturers. This is the added advantage for long-term growth.

Disadvantages of Maruti Suzuki company

Vulnerability to Economic Conditions – The company is heavily dependent on car manufacturers, if the industry slowdown then it directly affects the company’s performance.

Supply Chain Risks – Due to the shortage of raw materials and steady increase in prices, the company falls short of debt for procuring.

Potential Regulatory Challenges – The industry is strictly subjected to regulations and standard measures. Complying with the rules and regulations on emission and safety measures is a tough task.

Motherson Sumi products list

Motherson Sumi produces a variety of automobile stocks. Some of its products segments are

  1. Wiring Harness
  2. Vision Systems
  3. Metal Products
  4. Modules and Polymer
  5. ProductsRetail and services

Motherson Sumi Share price targets list

YearsShare price target


This is our analysis of Motherson Sumi’s share price target for 2023, 2025, and 2030. We have given our estimates based on the previous share price movements. Please do your own research before doing any investments.