Morning market with TWE (23/01/2023) | Sensex, Nifty, and Bank Nifty

Yesterday’s market overview

Welcome to the morning market with TWE

Yesterday ( 20/01/2022 ) was a red day for the Indian stock market with Sensex sinking by 0.39% and Nifty by 0.44% but surprisingly the Bank Nifty gained 0.42% overall.

Support and resistance


SENSEX took support at 60,845 at the upper band and 60,590 at the lower band

Nifty 50 took support at 18,099 at the upper band and 18,017 at the lower band.


Nifty Support levels- 18,112 at the upper band and 18,033 at the lower band levels

Sensex support levels – 60,087 at the upper band and 60,746 at the lower band levels


FII’s net value – (-2002 cr)

DII’s net value –  (1509 cr)

Global market

US market – In contrast to the Indian market, the US market was in green with predominant indices gaining at about 1% each.

DOW Jones gained 1.00% or 330 points in its last trading session. The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have also spiked by 1.89% or 73 points and 2.66% or 288 points respectively.

Asian market


SGX nifty was up by 0.44% at 7 AM today morning.

NIKKEI 225 also soared by 1.21% at 7 AM today morning

Disclaimer – The above information is only for education purposes.