• IRCTC share price target 2025

IRCTC share price target 2025

IRCTC (Indian railway catering and tourism corporation) is an Indian government company that is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The company is a monopoly in its segment which is in catering and touring services. IRCTC mainly handles tourism, online ticketing, and tourism services. Although it has numerous other services, some of them are mobile catering services including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Dorontu, Jan Aharas, executive lounges, tour packages, and Rail Neer. 

IRCTC was formed on 27 September 1999 as a public sector undertaking company entirely owned by the Government through the ministry of Railways. IRCTC was listed in the NSE in 2019 when the government liquidated 13% to the public. 

IRCTC Key ratios

IRCTC has performed spectacularly well from its IPO to till now with a shared surge of 288%. Due to the fact that it enjoys a monopoly with strong consumer demand, the improvement of its services and tech-enabled assistance has made it a user-adopted platform. IRCTC is the pioneer in online ticket booking in India.

Company nameIRCTC (Indian railway catering and tourism corporation)
Market cap48,396 Cr
Debt to equity0
ROE39.9 %
ROCE51.3 %
Dividend yield0.58 %
High/Low₹ 841 / 557
IRCTC Key ratios

IRCTC Revenue and profit growth

IRCTC is doing very well in terms of revenue and profit. The company has posted a 142% increase in its revenue and a 254% increase in its profit in the last year. After the limitations of the pandemic, domestic travel has seen a huge surge in bookings. This may even increase due to the more number of options available for the passengers in the train traveling segment.

IRCTC Revenue and profits

Advantages and disadvantages of IRCTC

Advantages of IRCTC

Convenience – The application as well as the website is very convenient to use for booking any service. The status of the train is frequently updated.

Effortless to use – The user experience and interface are fantastic and most people can use it without any difficulties.

Ample payment options – There are numerous payment options available on the IRCTC website. A user can pay with his internet banking or through UPI whichever is possible

Refunds –

Offers – There are plenty of offers available in IRCTC for booking various services like food and lounges.

PNR status – PNR status is one of the most useful ways to track the current booking status of the train. A user can directly visit https://www.irctc.co.in/ to check the train status

Disadvantages of IRCTC

Laggy website – The website sometimes feels laggy and too late to respond. The call-to-action buttons sometimes don’t work.

Technical glitches – Technical glitches are often seen on the IRCTC website like not responding, and an automatic no response page which leads to frustration among passengers.

Service charge – Whenever a user cancels the train ticket before 48 hours of the departure, a 30 rupees passenger will be deducted. These charges may annoy the passengers

IRCTC Share price target 2025

Let’s look at the previous year’s returns of IRCTC to get a clear insight into the returns of the stock

IRCTC is performing really well since its IPO. The stock has given overall 288% returns from its IPO to till now. From an investment perspective, an investor must have the ability to analyze the stock’s potential whether is it capable to make money or burn money. As per our estimates on IRCTC stock with the current trend, the stock can reach 1,160 to 1,180 by 2025

Expected stock price in 20251,160 to 1,180
Irctc share price target 2025

As the stock is new to the stock market, it is very difficult to get an exact prediction on the stock uprise


We have summed up the complete article on “Irctc share price target 2025” in a detailed order. As the company is a monopoly in its segment, the stock can even rise over our predictions.

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