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Infosys share price target 2023,2025, and 2030

Infosys share price target 2023,2025 and 2030 – Infosys is an Indian leading IT company that was founded in 1981 by a group of iconic people like Narayana Murty and Nadndan Nilekeni. Infosys is in over 50 countries with consulting, insurance, financial services, application development, digital transformation, and several other services. 

Currently, Infosys has a market cap of $98 billion which makes it the third-largest market capitalization company in India. Infosys’ share price is currently trading at 1,247. The company is heavily investing in research and development as well as adopting AI.

Infosys share price target 2023,2025, and 2030 list

After TCS, Infosys is the second-largest market capitalization company in the Indian IT services industry. By becoming the top company in the world, the company can achieve even greater success with its visionary leadership and increasing growth. 

Infosys share price target 2023

Infosys company was the first Indian company to get listed on the Newyork Stock Exchange in 1999. The company was a pioneer in delivering quality services to its clients. Though most IT companies failed to achieve their growth targets, Infosys has performed exceptionally well by recording a 20% PAT on a yearly basis. So, some who are looking to invest in Infosys, he/she primarily target the long-term perspective of wealth creation.

Our estimates suggest that by 2023 end, Infosys will have a price band of 1,450 to 1500. However, the real price may vary depending on the existing situation.

Infosys share price target 2025

53% of the revenue comes from digital services, and 43% of the revenue gets from core services like product engineering, application development, infrastructure development services, and others. The remaining accounts are from various products and platforms. Infosys has a very strong revenue source from both America which accounts for 43% of the total company’s revenue.

As per the expert’s predictions, the share price of Infosys can rise up to a level of 1783 to 1989 in 2025

Infosys share price target 2030

Infosys is also an early adopter of technologies like the Metaverse and blockchain. Thus, the company is capturing technology adoptions that are not just present-oriented but also future-oriented. Other areas like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are also addressed by Infosys

The target price for the Infisys share in 2030 would be 4,500 to 4,670.

The business model of Infosys

Infosys has most of its clients outside of India and mainly from the united states. Some of its services are providing digital transformation services, outsourcing, and technology consulting.

  1. Diversified revenue streams – Infosys has very diverse revenue streams that include its main contributor BFSI( Business and financial services). But resides BFSI, the company also serves application development, and maintenance(ADM) and manual testing.
  2. Global delivery model – The main advantage of Infosys is its delivery model. The company is not dependent on the Indian market.
  3. Innovation-driven solutions – The company has a well-built focus on innovation-driven technology. The company leverages emerging technologies.

Shareholding pattern of Infosys

Infosys shareholding pattern

Factors affecting Infosys share price

Amid the recession fears and slow growth in IT, Infosys has shown significant growth in its recent quarterly reports. The most advantage that Infosys enjoys is the rise in the value of the dollar

  1. Economic conditions – Higher interest rates and inflation can negatively affect the company. The cost of borrowing funds will rise that impacts the higher interest paying.
  2. High completion – Generally, in the IT sector the completion is huge, and an increase in the competitors will also impact the company’s performance.
  3. Government and regulatory factors – Since Infosys is a global service provider, changes in the FEMA act or increases in taxes will highly impact the company’s profitability.

Infosys current price 

Currently, Infosys is trading at the 1300 level, down by 26% or 484 points down compared to last year. A lot of factors impact the revenue of the company including major aspects like recession fears, economic slowdown, and inflation. 

Fundamental analysis of Infosys share

The market cap of Infosys company is around 5.7 lakh crores whereas its main competitor TCS has 11 lakh crores approximately.

The ROE and ROCE of Infosys are 50.76 % and 66.74% respectively which is a fabulous percentage for a company like Infosys

The P/E ratio is 29.2 and the P/B ratio is 12.08

Infosysy peer completion

The sales growth of the company is 17.93% and the profit growth was 23.34 %

Financials of Infosys

Profit & LossMAR 2021MAR 2022MAR 2023
Net Sales85,9121,03,9401,24,014
Operating Profit 24,17827,82830,163
Profit Before Tax 24,47728,49531,643
Provision for Tax6,4297,2608,375
Net Profit18,04821,23523,268
Financials of Infosys

SWOT analysis of Infosys shares 


Best brand reputation

Well-built employee chain


High dependence on other countries

The high employee attrition rate


huge growth

Expansion into new services


high completion

Slow grow rate


Infosys innovative product development skills and visionary leadership have brought a digital revolution to India. With only $250 as its capital, the company has grown into an empire. It is highly commendable that the company’s leadership has continuously strived to put the company at the top.

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