ICICI Bank share price target for 2024,2025,2026,2027

ICICI bank is the second-largest bank in India in market capitalization and in assets. As per the user base, ICICI bank is the third biggest bank sitting below the SBI and HDFC. ICICI bank was founded in 1994 and the name ICICI defines as the Industrial credit and investment corporation of India. At present, the ICICI bank has more than 5,300 branches and more than 15,000 ATMs across India.

Sandeep Bakshi is the current CEO of ICICI Bank Ltd. ICICI bank was the first bank in India to offer Internet banking in 1998 and it has a presence in over 17 countries.

ICICI Bank Business model

ICICI bank provides various services such as Internet banking trading services, and loan lending. The majority of income is generated through interest on loans in various ways. 

ICICI Loan book

Most of the loans are given to Retail people which accounts for 66% followed by corporates at 24% and the remaining 4% for SMEs. 

In the retail bank loans segment, 49% accounts for mortgage home loans followed by rural home loans which are at 15%, vehicle loans for 14%, personal loans for 10%, business banking for 8%, and the remaining 4% for credit cards.

ICICI Bank Revenue

In DEC 2022, ICICI bank reported quarterly earnings of 28,505 crores of revenue with a profit of 5,000 crores. ICICI Bank has a profit growth of 44% year on year.

ICICI Business fundamentals

Current market value₹ 5,83,856.93 Cr
The current market price of the share836
ROE14.99 %
1-year returns17.90%
5-year returns204.12%
Total returns20,439.22%
ICICI Bank fundamentals

ICICI Bank’s shareholding pattern

ICICI bank is a publicly listed company that got listed in 1999 and interestingly ICICI was the first bank on the Newyork stock exchange from non-japan Asia.

Currently, FIIs hold 45% approximately, DIIs hold 44% approximately, and the remaining is with the public around 10%.

ICICI Bank’s current price

The current share price of ICICI bank is 838 rupees. The 52-week high price is 958 and the 52-week low price is 669.

Icici bank share price target 2024

ICICI bank has a diverse set of services that include internet banking, corporate banking, Investment banking, and many others. if one of their services may fail but the remaining are able to make money if in different times.

Year priceShare value
In 20241024 to 1085
ICICI Bank Target price for 2024

Icici bank share price target 2025

From 2011, ICICI bank doubled its share price every four years

Let’s look at the history of price

In 2011, ICICI bank’s share price is at 143. In 2015 the share price is at 285, in 2019 the share price is at 462, and at present, the share price is at 853.

As per our estimates, ICICI bank has given 25% every year since 2011.

So, for the year 2025 which is 2 years ahead now, the share could reach 1200 to 1285.

Year priceShare value
In 20251200 to 1285.
ICICI Bank Target price for 2025

Icici bank share price target 2026

ICICI bank has a very strong network when it comes to digital payment absorption. This bank has a sophisticated technology adoption in delivering seamless user experience to their customers. In the Fasttag segment, ICICI bank has a total market share of 36% of the value of total collections. ICICI bank is favorable because 1.5% of the commission will receive by banks on the total transaction value.

For the year 2026 which is 3 years ahead now, the share could reach 1,435 to 1500

Year priceShare value
In 20261,435 to 1500
ICICI Bank Target price for 2026

Icici bank share price target 2027

ICICI Bank has 5 other subsidiaries

1) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance co

2) ICICI Lombard General Insurance

3) ICICI Prudential Asset Management co LTD

4) ICICI Securities

5) ICICI Securities Primary Dealership LTD

These brands collectively add up to a reputable brand for ICICI bank Ltd.

For the year 2027 which is 4 years ahead now, the share could reach up to 1,620 to 1,700 in between.

Year priceShare value
In 20271,620 to 1,700
ICICI Bank Target price for 2027

Reference – Goela School of Finance LLP
Goela School of Finance LLP


The above information gives clear emphasis on the “Icici bank share price target 2025” with in-depth analysis. Please take your own analysis before investing in any stocks.

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What is ICICI Bank’s share price target for 2024?

The target price of ICICI Bank’s share price for 2024 could be 1024 to 1085. However, the exact values may be different with the market conditions.

What is ICICI Bank’s share price target for 2025?

We are anticipating the share price to reach a level of 1200 to 1285 by 2025

What is ICICI Bank’s share price target for 2026?

As per our assumption, the share price could go up from 1,435 to 1500 by 2026