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HSBC Sip Calculator – Calculate SIP returns for your HSBC mutual funds

HSBC Sip calculator

HSBC ( Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) is an international investment bank and also a financial company that has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. HSBC is serving in India since 1853 and it is one of the leading foreign banks in India. Some of its services are

  1. Investment banking
  2. personal and business banking
  3. wealth management
  4. Insurance

HSBC also runs mutual funds in India and has a wide range of mutual funds across different categories for investors. HSBC mutual fund is a subsidiary of HSBC Global Asset Management (India) Private Limited. The HSBC Sip calculator helps to calculate the returns one can get by assuming the surge in the NAV. The HSBC Sip calculator is very important to check the potential returns before investing in any mutual funds.

How to use the HSBC sip calculator

Using the HSBC sip calculator is very simple. Just enter the amount you want to invest monthly and enter the estimated returns and also enter the time frame. Now click enter to get the output.

What are the different types of HSBC mutual funds?

HSBC offers a wide range of mutual funds from Equity to debt and also hybrid funds. Currently, there are 15 mutual funds that are offered by HSBC, and of them, 11 are equity and bond, 2 are debt and the other 2 are hybrid funds. The mutual funds are

  1. HSBC Liquid Fund – Regular Plan-Growth
  2. HSBC Liquid Fund – Growth
  3. HSBC Liquid Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  4. HSBC Small Cap Fund – Growth
  5. HSBC Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  6. HSBC Value Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  7. HSBC Value Fund – Growth
  8. HSBC Corporate Bond Fund – Growth
  9. HSBC Corporate Bond Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  10. HSBC Mid Cap Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  11. HSBC Mid Cap Fund – Regular Plan-Growth
  12. HSBC Banking and PSU Debt Fund – Direct Plan-Growth
  13. HSBC Banking and PSU Debt Fund – Growth
  14. HSBC Aggressive Hybrid Fund – Direct-Growth
  15. HSBC Aggressive Hybrid Fund – IDCW – Annual


SIP calculators are really useful tools to calculate the SIP returns of a mutual fund. The HSBC’s Sip calculator will also help in calculating the Sip returns of the HSBC mutual funds accurately by estimating the user’s data.