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How to start investing in small caps

Investing or trading in small-cap stocks has a little bit reluctant from the typical conservative investors because of their high volatility. Usually, people who have high-risk tolerance and want a lucrative amount of returns will choose it. Small caps companies are categorized as low market caps which has high growth projection. A small-cap stock can convert to midcap or even a large cap depending upon its growth over the years. As per Groww’s report, 95% of Indian companies are categorized under small cap due to their market cap. The general perception from people is, Small cap companies are new entrants to the stock market or present over a long period but need help to deliver good returns. So, investing in them could be challenging considering the risk associated with the.

But historically numerous companies have proved that wrong ad given a tremendous amount of returns for the investors. It is with us to figure out a growth potential company. So, let us look at 4 key factors to find the finest company.

  1. Analyze the core fundamentals

Analyzing fundamentals plays a key role which investing in a stock. It demonstrates to us the overall state of the company and its intrinsic value.

  • PE ratio

determines the Price to Earning of a share. Usually, the P/E ratio for the small caps will be higher as they are in the bracket of growth 

The P/E ratio formula is 

= Share Price/Earning per share

It tells the actual price of a share by considering its earnings per share.

Ultimately there is no such rule to invest only consider PE, but it is better at least if the company stock is near to the industry PE.

  • The debt-to-equity ratio helps to analyze the total debt taken by the company.

Ideally, if the company has low Debt to Equity ratio then it is good to consider.

2) Look at the balance sheet and Earnings

Balance sheets tell about the assets, liabilities, and equity.

The formula to calculate an asset is Asset = Liability + Equity

An asset must always balance and equal between liabilities plus equity.


Every time when you look for a small-cap stock, you should principally focus on the earnings report. Whether or not the growth is recorded in the overall revenue and profit. A growing company will always record progress by expanding its team with an upward move.

3) Figure out the sector

Pitching the right sector for investment will directly result in the ROI. Sometimes the market may go uptrend due to the sentiment of the investors. 

Some sectors may perform well at a certain period of time like the retail fashion companies will be performing high during festive seasons. 

IT and Banking sectors exceed every quarter as they are functional all over.

4) Investors friendly

Look at their past events and board meetings. Is the company actively meeting on a regular basis? or actively involved in the company’s AGM. Most small-cap companies may not give dividends to their shareholders and it is acceptable as they in expanding their presence.

So, work out to find the best possible company which satisfies the above-mentioned points.

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