How to make money using

Are you looking to monetize your website using Impression based ads which are way more lucrative than CPC Ads? Then you must sign up to to make a lot of money. This blog will show you how to monetize your blog or website using POPAds and its complete setup. The process is step-by-step so please do not skip any paragraph not to get confused while opening the account or pasting the code properly. Let’s begin with the No.1 step which is its advertisement rate. advertisement fee for publishers

POPAds gives you the exact ad revenue directly to your account. It does not work like a CPC model. Let’s look at the ad revenue per 1000 visits.

Rates and Coverage –

For ad revenue, you will earn approximately 4 dollars for 1000 US unique visits. It all depends upon your niche and the volume.


The ad network supports most of the payment options. The minimum amount allowed to withdraw is $5 dollars

How to open a PopAds account

Opening a POPAds account is very seamless. There are criteria that you need a certain amount of monthly visits or pay a joining fee. You just click on the below link.

Click on the top search result

Click on the signup option

Fill up all the details carefully. For earning money you need to select the publisher option.

Click on New Website for adding your website

Copy the code

Paste the code in your header section

Is it safe to open a POPAds network for earning money

Yes, the network is very safe and you can earn a decent amount of money if you wish to show ads on your website. The website function in more than 40 countries including the United States.


In wrapping up PopAds is a really good ad network for advertisers and for publishers. You need to consistently work on driving traffic to your website. Thanks for reading our blog.

How does POPAds pay

Popads pay a commission on impressions-based reach. It will directly show an ad when a user opens your website.

Is PopAds legit

PopAds is a genuine ad network for publishers and advertisers.


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