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How to get a content writing internship with no experience

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Content writers are everywhere needed and there can’t be any place where they are left behind. The rise of content writers is not a new normal or not for any rise in demand but they are an integral part of an organization to showcase their product and its needs to their customers.

As per Statista, global content marketing is expected to reach $137 by 2026. So, the market size is too large to slide in to earn a decent income either by doing a regular job or freelancing. 

As artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT have become more prevalent, authoring content has become an easy task for organizations. But the market has not yet been saturated yet to destroy the content writing segment.

There are different types of content writing internships in the industry

Content writing is not about writing content but it’s the way people looking for and more important the person or company you are working for.

Here are the different types of content writing

Different types of content writing | content writer internship
  1. Blog Writing

Creating a blog involves writing about a topic and presenting information, if necessary with research. In order for a blog to be successful, the writer must provide value to the audience to gain viewership.

Generally, most websites have a blog page dedicated to their niche or their business related. If the website provides any financial services then the blogs section contains finance-related blogs.

  1. Copywriting

Copywriting is another way of writing content where you encourage the visitors to purchase anything or take any action. Copywriting is mainly used for advertising and marketing a product or service. 

Copywriting is all about understanding the user mindset and proper execution to reach the message to the end user. 

  1. Technical writing

Technical writing is a specific way of writing which is related to technical information. Technical writing is kind of explaining a particular information point-wise to help the user. Is important to note that a technical writer must possess expertise in any of the topics he is writing about.

Examples of technical writing include software documentation, user manuals, and case studies.

  1. Product Description

The product description is all about writing a brief description of a specific product detailing the use case, weight, and others. It gives the full summary of a product, its benefits, and its uses.

An effective product descriptive writer has the ability to write a piece of clear, concise, and easy-read information for the user.

  1. Email writing

Email writing is nothing but sending clear, concise, and accurate information to users through email. It can be a newsletter or a particular update for any service. 

In order to convert a user into a customer, you need to write attractive email content that makes readers curious to read more.

  1. Social media writing

Social media writing is a process of writing content related to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. There are various types of social media writing such as description writing, creatives, and infographics.

The sole purpose of social media writing is to build engagement with users and company updates. To create a successful reach, a writer must understand the user’s needs and explain the brand’s significance.

A social media writer is also responsible for creating campaigns on different social media platforms.

What are the different tips to follow to get a content writing internship without any experience?

These are the different types of content writing. But how to get an internship without much effort and more importantly without any cost? Well here are a few tips to follow to get an internship without any experience

Apply for jobs on Linkedin, Internshala, and Indeed

There and thousands of openings available on numerous job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn or Internshala or Indeed. Internships are the stepping stone for any person looking to start a career in any field.

But sadly the income through content writing internships can be quite low and in fact, sometimes few companies hire without paying any salary. So, it is up to you if you are comfortable working for some without taking a stipend. 

Better apply through the above-mentioned platforms 

Connect with HR in the company

HRs are responsible for recruiting for their companies. They actually post job openings on job search websites. HRs schedule the interview process and identify the perfect candidate who can fit in their company for the required post. On successful compilation on selection they onboard and make payment settlements. 

Send DM’s

Send Direct messages to people who are working in a company that you are looking for. Sometimes getting responses from HR could be difficult because like you thousands of other aspirants will also follow the same path. People who are working in the company could be familiar with

Put posts or samples on Social media 

Without looking at your work samples it is highly impossible to get a job. The articles that you have written so far will play an implacable role to get you a job as early as possible with any job experience needed.

Write Guest posts for websites 

Writing guest posts is a way to showcase your expertise to the audience and deliver your contribution to a company. Some companies put guest posts as a medium for hiring when looking for an extraordinary article and evaluating the candidate’s skills.

Prepare an exceptional resume

A resume is the most used introduction before even scheduling a meeting with you. It is a preliminary understanding of a candidate through their education, achievements, and personal hobbies.

In summary

It is super easy to secure an internship when you follow the above-mentioned key tips. Experience doesn’t matter when you have the guts to create exceptional content that is user-friendly, easy to read, and well-articulated. Keep on working in numerous ways by figuring out by understanding the user needs.

Can I get a content writing internship without no experience

Yes, you can absolutely get an internship in content writing when you follow a structured way of delivering content that is user-friendly and informational.

How to apply for content writing internships

There are plenty of ways in which you can apply for a content writing internship. Naukri, Internshala, and Indeed are the best job-sourcing websites. LinkedIn is also an amazing website to apply


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