HMA Agro Industries IPO Analysis GM, Date, and Price

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The IPOS season is back. In recent months, there has been a significant slowdown in companies going public due to concerns about the recession and high volatility in the market. This cautious approach has resulted in a prolonged waiting period, with many companies choosing to postpone their initial public offerings (IPOs) until conditions stabilize. However, the wait is now over. HMA Agro Industries IPO is scheduled to release on 20th June. if you are looking for “HMA Agro Industries IPO Analysis” Continue reading till the end. We will give you the overall IPO-related information related to the company. Please visit the HMA Agro Industries website

HMA Agro Industries – About the company

HMA Agro Industries is an Agro-based company that deals in Food related sector. The company was founded in 2008 and the current CEO is Wajid Ahmed. HMA Agro Industries is recognized as the star export by the government of India. The company is specialized in exporting Buffalo meat. HMA Agro Industries contributes more than 10% of the total frozen buffalo exports from India.

HMA Agro Industries products include

  1. Meat
  2. Fruits
  3. Basmati Rice
  4. Rendered products
  5. Vegetables

HMA Agro Industries – Financials

20192,742 crores31.20
HMA Agro Industries financials

HMA Agro Industries – Promoters

Wajid AhmedPromoter
Gulzar AhmadPromoter
Mohammad Mehmood QureshiPromoter
Mohammad Ashraf QureshiPromoter
Zulfiqar Ahmad QurashiPromoter
Parvez AlamPromoter Group
HMA Agro Industries Promoter list

HMA Agro Industries IPO Details

Bidding dates20 Jun 2023 – 23 June 2023
Minimum Investment13,875
Lot Size 25
Price range555-585
Issue size 480 cr

HMA Agro Industries IPO details

HMA Agro Industries IPO Analysis – Advantages

The company is top-ranked in meat exports in India

HMA Agro Industries has a global presence in the meat sector.

The company has a good safety standards in meat production.

HMA Agro Industries IPO Analysis – Disadvantages

Generally, the food industry is a highly volatile business where the margins are very low

Very risky to manage the production house as the meat may spoil for a longer time.

The sector is a highly competitive sector.

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