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Harami candle stick pattern

A Harami candle stick is a type of candle stick that contained two opposite candle sticks side by side. There are two harami in the stock market

  1. Bullish harami
  2. Bearish Harami

Bullish Harami candle stick pattern.

A bullish harami is a type of pattern where a long red candle stick forms at the beginning and later a green candle stick forms. In this type the candle stick pattern there will be a trend reversal in a V shape format.

Bearish Harami candle stick pattern.

The bearish Harami candle stick is quite opposite to the bullish candle stick pattern. In the bearish candle stick pattern, a red candle stick is formed beginning, and then a green candle stick is formed.


The Harami Candle stick pattern is a very widely used candle stick pattern in the stock market.


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