You are currently viewing Finverv is helping companies to embed credit through a simple plug-and-play design

Finverv is helping companies to embed credit through a simple plug-and-play design

Finverv is a SaaS-enabled platform that helps companies embed credit in their ecosystem through a simple plug-and-play design, and in turn, diversifies the credit portfolio of lending institutions.

Though it has many more services, let us discuss those in detail in the below context.



Having built lending products for the past five years, Siddharth is an avid fintech enthusiast. Prior to starting Finverv, Siddharth an IMT Ghaziabad alumni worked at Mobiwik as a digital consultant before co-founding Finverv.


As well as serving as CTO of SERVX, a startup backed by Y Combinator, Sangeet served as a senior product manager at Spinny before taking over as Co-founder.

Online buyers are increasingly selecting the “buy now pay later” payment option, but integration between the eCommerce platform and the lender is still lacking as numerous drawbacks are associated right from KYC to grating loans.

This is where Finverv comes in 

Finverv helps organizations integrate with multiple lenders and provides a suite of lending tools like KYC, onboarding, risk management, LMS (loan management system), LOS (loan origination system), and white-labeled customer journeys via simple plug-and-play integrations.

“We are a lending infrastructure that helps companies embed lending services into various ecosystems like B2B Commerce platforms, Gig economy platforms, Fintechs, etc.

We onboard various demand-side companies on our platform to help them with the entire credit infrastructure and further onboard them with our partner lenders via a simple, configurable plug-n-play platform to make these partnerships easier and faster” said one of the co-founders.

Four key features distinguish Finverv from its competitors

  1. Quick implementation

Launch your credit product right away via Easy to use, exhaustive and smart APIs.

  1. Customizable

Product-driven API flows & user journeys tailored to specific needs.

  1. On-point information

Get real-time dashboards, detailed reports & all the intelligence on your portfolio.

  1. Different but familiar

Access credit from our large lender network or get one of your own lending partners onboarded.

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Based on the experience of one of the co-founders

During my learnings at various Fintechs and NBFCs, we were always struggling to manage tech and program relationships with partner FIs. and soon we saw credit being embedded on platforms that were non-financial in nature and platforms were coming up with innovative curated credit products for their customers. That is when we realized that credit infra will be a wide-scale requirement if all platforms were to offer credit.

Taking on growth “ Finverv is looking to hit 100 crore Asset under management by 2023”

At present Finverv is working with 20 demand digital platforms and 10 lending institutions.

Taking future ambitions into account

“Make the digital ecosystems more inclusive for all credit seekers and credit providers by leveraging data intelligence and building a robust network of ecosystem players”.


Finverv has raised $600K+ in a pre-seed round led by Antler. The round also saw participation from GrowX Ventures (Ashish Taneja), Force Ventures (Karthik Bhat), Nitin Gupta (Founder, Uni cards), Anuj Khosla (CEO, Hitachi Payments) & many other prominent Fintech personalities.


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