You are currently viewing Finscout’s new approach to consulting and advising

Finscout’s new approach to consulting and advising

In India, financial knowledge remains a barrier to understanding. Without understanding how to manage finances properly, many lose lakhs or even crores. Despite the explosion of Fintech startups in the last 5 years, none have succeeded in addressing this issue effectively.

Finscout founders

Yash Kumar – Co-founder & CEO

Yash is a recent graduate from the University of Nottingham, Yash has started, worked on, and scaled different projects in the past both in India & UK. Further, he has been very actively involved in the financial markets over the last 4 years himself.

Saumin Agarwal – Co-founder & Head of Finance & Compliance –

Saumin has been an Economics & Finance student at Ashoka University. He has experience working in Finance Operations across MNCs and startups such as Range, Upscalio, and Hindustan Unilever.

Pranav Mathur – Co-founder & Head of Product –

Pranav has worked within the web designing and development space for almost 4 years now with Digital Hive. He has experience with CSS, React, and content management systems like WordPress.

As a platform for online advisors, Finscout allows people to book paid consulting sessions with their preferred expert. “Finscout allows individuals to book an appointment with investment advisors, chartered accountants, and financial planners at the click of a button. Similarly, Finscout also allows businesses to book consulting sessions with ex-executives – CEOs, CFOs, Head of Marketing, Supply Chain, and so on – at the click of a button”

The entire process is seamless and it takes less effort to figure out the best experts by referring to the reviews.

For IndividualsFor Businesses
1) Financial planning1) Marketing
2) Investment advisory2) Business valuation
3) Tax advisory3) Auditing
4) Retirement planning4) Tax advisory
5) Forex hedging
6) Startup consulting
7) Financial planning
8) Technology

Asking “What is the main reason to start Finscout? Yash shared his experience 

“In June 2022, while in India I traveled to Bangalore to meet my cousin, Mili, working at Wipro. There I also came across her friends who had started working just 2 to 3 years back and wanted to start investing in the stock markets. Knowing that I was actively involved in the markets some of them asked me about it. It is while talking to one of them that I had this epiphany: what if one could book an appointment with an investment advisor just as easily as one can with a doctor through practo? Interestingly, Saumin, my co-founder also happened to be in Bangalore at this time for his work with HUL and this is when we started working on the idea. The idea grew when we realized that this gap is not just present in the investment advisory space but also when it comes to MSMEs”

Talking about the growth and projection of Finscout

Finscout is a brand new startup and only got incorporated on 31st October 2022. As of 31st December 2022, Finscout has about 20 consultants and right around 10 clients

“We intend to take this number to 2000+ consultants and 100,000+ clients by this time next year.

What are your future ambitions?

In the long term, we want to be the one-stop solution to any financial query of individuals and business problems of startups and MSMEs. We also want to disrupt the conventional consulting space.

How you are different from your competitors?

“Consulting as an industry is riddled with high margins, anywhere from 25% to as much as 400%. Further competitors tend to be very careful about not revealing who the consultants really are. We are breaking all these norms and firstly offering our services almost at cost and secondly being very open and offering a huge selection of consultants all at the click of a button: it’s first of a kind” said Yash Kumar

Achievements and accomplishments.

The most significant achievement so far has been getting started so quickly and a huge part of this credit goes to Pranav, our tech guy. Because of him, we were able to go from ideation to MVP in literally 2- 3 months.


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