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End of BNPL! Multipl is World’s first Save now buy later

Have you ever heard about Save now buy later? Never right! Because we are always attracted to Buy now pay later.

Let us look at Buy now pay later business model.

The concept of buy now, pay later refers to purchasing a product now and paying for it in installments later. The loan is not secured by collateral, despite the fact that it may appear that way. Most people can leverage this without worrying about repaying the remaining balance, but some may find this useful. By taking a commission on products sold through specific companies, the company makes a profit. They even charge every interest or late fee if the customer fails to pay the EMI on time.

It can be too dangerous depending upon the person taking advantage of it.

But what is Save now buy later?

Save now buy later is defined as a person who can first save the required amount and then be allowed to buy that product once he accumulates the total amount.

The benefits of saving now buy later are numerous because you do not need to take the financial burden and leverage.

This can bring

– Financial Balance

– Financial discipline

– No risk

Then what’s special about Multipl

Well, Multipl belongs to Save now buy later along with Investment oriented. Multipl is redefining the way people save along with investments made with the savings amount.

It is fascinating that Multpl allows you to actually invest the amount you save on a monthly basis.

Imagine you set a goal of one lack for 10 months in order to buy a Macbook. In this case, the monthly EMI would be 10,000. Until you reach your goal, you can invest these 10,000 in low-risk mutual funds. It’s like a SIP you do regularly. Whatever its users wish, whether they wish to invest or remain untouched.

How co-investment works

At the time of creating a goal, you’ll get an option to either invest in market assets and tag a brand or directly save with a brand. In both cases, the brand will add a pre-agreed amount to your goal savings every month in the form of Mcash. On goal completion, the accumulated brand MCash will be converted to the brand’s Gift Card and can be used to purchase with the brand. 1 MCash = ₹1

Note 1: The savings you add to your goals, and the investment returns you generate are not affected due to brand tagging and co-investments.

Note: You can also decide not to make any purchases with the brand. However, that brand’s MCash will expire in that case.

You can also invest in Digigold or Digisilver if now Mutual funds or to be remained untouched.


Some interesting things about Multipl

Zero commission 

Purchase protection

Personalized investments

Hassle-free withdrawals


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