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Dogecoin surged 100% in the last five days

  • Elon Musk Twitter deal has made Doge a preferable digital coin and a few times Musk himself told in his Twitter about the plan to adopt for making Doge as a payment option to buy a car in Tesla. Doge was a meme later formed as a digital coin due to its endorsements. In the last five days, Dogecoin has surged 99% making it the most gained crypto asset overall. There is an instance where Musk Tweeted “ Doge is the people’s crypto”. At present Dogecoin has a market cap of around $12 billion dollars surpassing Cardano and Doge secured the 8th position as the most prominent currency.
  • Musk said that Doge can be added as payment for twitter’s subscription in April but has not yet been confirmed as he was reluctant to proceed with the deal then. 

Volume has shot up 17% in the 24 hours at $3,122,479,421.


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