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Best midcap stocks in July 2023

You probably might have seen the past returns of midcap stocks that were given over the years. If you haven’t, please provide the store with a market cap of less than 20,000 crores. You will be amazed by the returns that the stock had delivered. India is now the words superpower and the world is looking at India for its needs. Even small companies are now making their way to becoming market leaders with their innovative strategies.

The midcap stocks are one segment that no one should leave behind. These stocks sit above the small caps and below the midcaps.

In this blog, our team will show you the top midcap stocks in July 2023 that you can look for if you want to make spectacular returns by diverging the risk.

Top 10 Best midcap stocks in July 2023

1Lloyd Steels
2Castrol India
3Sonata Software
4Deepak fertilizers
5Bayer corp science
6Sumitomo chemicals
7Safari Industries
8Avanti feeds
9Ksolves India
10India mart Intermesh

Before we deep dive into the stock details, let’s first look at what is actually midcap stock and how to pick those

What are midcap stocks?

Midcap stocks are defined as

  1. The midcap stocks have a market cap between 5000 crores to 20,000 crore
  2. These stocks are generally ahead of small-cap stocks in market cap
  3. These stocks have high growth potential
  4. These stocks can become large caps

How to pick the best midcap stocks

Picking the right midcap stocks is really a mystifying task as not all midcap stores will perform greatly in the future. But following these could help you to find some

  • Research the company’s fundamentals – Make thorough research on the financial health and performance of the midcap companies you’re willing to invest in. Key ratios to consider are revenue growth, earnings per share (EPS), profit margins, debt levels, and cash flow.
  • Industry and sector – The industry of the company plays a key role in the growth of the company. Look for an industry that has a projected growth of more than 10% CAGR
  • Management quality – Choosing a dedicated, well-managed small company proves more advantageous than investing in a larger market-cap company with no promising prospects ahead

Best midcap stocks list: Top 10

Lloyds Steels Industries – Lloyds Metals is an amazing steel sector stock that could potentially give you returns if you buy at a valuable price. This company deals in Iron Ore Mining Activities and has a vast production capacity.

Market cap3,600cr
1 year returns165%
5-year returns3,570%
  • Castrol IndiaCastrol India is a company that manufactures automobile lubricants and engine oils. The company has various sub-products like
  1. Castrol Activ
  2. Castrol Edge
  3. Castrol Go

The company has 3,000 key institutional accounts directly and from distributors

Market cap12,943 Cr
1 year returns16.58%
5-year returns-16.67%
  • Sonata Software – Sonata Software is an Indian IT company engaged in providing Information Technology Services in the United States of America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The company has two platforms

  1. Rezopia
  2. Brick & Click
Market cap14,744cr
1 year returns108%
5-year returns326%
  • Deepak Fertilizers – Deepak Fertilizers is an Indian-based fertilizers company that produces fertilizers, agri services, bulk chemicals, and mining chemicals.

The business verticals include

  1. Industrial Chemicals
  2. Technical Ammonium Nitrate
  3. Crop Nutrition
  4. Creativity
Market cap7,632cr
1 year returns-9.9%
5-year returns140%
Deepak Fertilizers performance
  • Bayer corp science – Bayer corp science is a chemical sector company that produces manufacture, sale, and distribution of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and various other agrochemical products and corn seeds.

Key business verticals are

  1. Crop Protection 
  2. Seeds & Traits
  3. Environmental Science 
  4. Digital Farming
Market cap21,000 cr
1 year returns-10.96%
5-year returns7.46%
  • Sumitomo ChemicalsSumitomo Chemicals is a chemical company that manufactures a wide variety of chemical products. The Company is well known for the inside marketing of proprietary products of its Japanese parent company-Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited in agrochemicals, animal nutrition, and environmental health business segments.

Market cap20,000cr
1 year returns15%
5-year returns114%
  • Safari IndustriesSafari Industries is an apparel and luxury-based company in India. Safari Industries produces luggage and luggage accessories in India. The company has two broad categories i.e. hard luggage and soft luggage.
Market cap7,100cr
1 year returns177%
5-year returns418%

Avanti feeds – Avanti Feeds is an India-based company that produces shrimp feed. It is a global supplier of shrimp feed. The company produces around 45% of total India’s shrimp feed. It has produced 485,000 tonnes in 2020.

Market cap5,500cr
1 year returns-10%
5-year returns-3.3%

Ksolves India Ksolves India is an IT sector company based in India. The company is engaged in software development, enterprise solutions, consulting & providing IT solutions to companies across sectors such as Real Estate, E-commerce, Finance, Telecom, and Healthcare, etc…

Market cap1,323cr
1 year returns182%
5-year returns1000%

India mart Intermesh India mart Intermesh is a B2B service-based company in India that connect buyers and sellers in one platform. The company has a 60% market share in the B2B market.

Market cap17,000cr
1 year returns40%
5-year returns393%


We hope that we have delivered a good article on the best midcap stocks for July 2023. This article comprises the importance of Midcap stocks as well as the top 10 best midcap stocks to buy. However, this is not an endorsing article promoting the above companies. An Investor must consider his/her own risk-taking abilities before investing in any stock.

Written by D Varun


Varun is a stock market enthusiast and passionate writer. He has 2+ years of experience in writing about stock market and personal finance.