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Best books for options trading in 2023

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Best books on options trading – Option trading is one of the lucrative income sources from the stock market when it is executed as per our assumptions and trends. Options trading is also called derivatives where it consists of PUT and CALL and premiums for it. It can be quite challenging to learn different strategies for options trading at a time completely. In order to gain a deeper understanding of options trading, it is absolutely necessary to refer to the best books on options trading. With the help of an options trading book, you can not only become well-educated but also make a lot of money from your trading.

What is options trading? 

Options trading is nothing but it is a form of buying or selling stocks within a specific time period and without paying the full amount. 

Options trading has two main things. One is PUT and the other one is CALL. 

A seller will sell the options whether it is CALL or put and the buyer will buy with the premium.



To get more information on Options trading please refer to the below article

Top 5 best books on options trading exclusively

  1. Options Trading Handbook
  2. Option Volatility and Pricing
  4. The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners
  5. Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading

1) Options Trading Handbook


  1. Basic Information about options trading
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying “OTM” options
  3. Options Geeks and their practical use
  4. Stroke method for trading in NIFTY and Bank NIFTY
  5. How to earn a regular income with Options
  6. Unique share genius formula of Call writing and ETFs
  7. Others

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2) Option Volatility and Pricing


  1. Advanced trading strategies and techniques
  2. professional option traders approach the market
  3. trading strategies and risk management techniques necessary for success
  4. understanding of how theoretical pricing models work

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  1. a guide on the basics – stocks, exchanges, and spreads – as the foundation of your trading experience and learnings.
  2. Building an Investment Strategy
  3. Strategies for Success, based on the techniques and experiences of the top 1% of traders
  4. Knowing how to Use Leverage and Psychology to your Advantage

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4) The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners


  1. What stock options are in simple terms!
  2. The various types of options and the common terms used in options trading.
  3. The underlying principles of options trading using easily-understandable scenarios.
  4. Insights into why anyone should trade-in options.

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5) Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading


  1.  What is the market going to do next?
  2. How can you position yourself around that so that probability of profit is maximum? 
  3. What should be the ideal position-sizing so that you do not lose big?
  4. What should be the ideal option strategy, Risk: Reward, probability of winning?

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