Best 5 Stock market books in Telugu

Reading books to gain stock market knowledge is as important as making money through the same stock market. Books play an important role to understand the markets and required basic knowledge. Various topics covered in the book can help a person to get an idea about how to take quantitative risks in buying any stock.

Best books for the stock market in Telugu

1) How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market 

This book provides a complete analysis of the Stock Market in an easy way to understand. This book has a rating of 2 with a 4 and a half rating.

2) Stock Market lo Labhalu Pondatam Ela ?

This book gives a basic understanding of how to get profits in the stock market and the mistakes to rectify to turn into profits

3) Mutual Fund Guide

This book gives a clear analysis of mutual fund investing and what are the different ways to invest in mutual funds for a beginner


It is a fantastic book that has an in-depth analysis of different strategies taken by Warren buffet. Also, it has numerous lessons related to the stock market

These are the top 4 books related to the stock market in Telugu.