Bajaj Hindustan share price analysis

Bajaj Hindustan share price analysis -Bajaj Hindustan is a sugar-producing company, Asia’s Number 1 and World’s Number 4 integrated sugar company. The company was founded in 1936 under the name ”The Hindustan Sugar Mills Limited”. But later the name got changed to Bajaj Hindustan. The company has a manufacturing capacity of 136,000 tonnes of sugar cane crushed and an alcohol distillation capacity of 800 kiloliters per day.

The company produces crystal sugar which then sells under numerous sub-brands. The company is also involved in producing Ethanol Ethanol is a biofuel made from molasses, a byproduct of the sugar manufacturing process. This Ethanol is again used as a blending agent in gasoline.

Bajaj Hindustan share price

Bajaj Hindustan share price targets 2023, 2025, and 2030

The company was set up by Jamnalal Bajaj who is a freedom fighter and an entrepreneur. The company’s founding mission is to fulfill the nation’s mission. The company has a site in Gola Gokarnath that has a capacity of 13,000 TCD. The distillery unit got started in 1944 at the time of the first world war to supply power alcohol, which was in short supply at the time.

Let us look at the share price targets of Bajaj Hindusthan

Bajaj Hindustan share price target 2023

The company has some subsidiaries which include Sharda Sugar & Industries Limited which has a cane crushing capacity of 1400 TCD 1972 at Palia Kalan. At present the capacity has increased to  11,000 TCD.

Considering the size of the company and its growth, the share price could rise from 14.12 to 14.50

Bajaj Hindustan share price target 2025

In 1988, the company has renamed to Bajaj Hindustan from Hindusthan Sugar Mills Limited. During a four-year period from 2003-2007, the company had a remarkable expansion of 8 plants across the state. The plant at Kinauni near Meerut was completed in a record period of 7 months. And it has a capacity of 96,000 TCD

Bajaj Hindustan is one of the oldest companies that got started before independence. The share price target for 2025 will be 22.5 to 23.

Bajaj Hindustan share price target 2030

Bajaj Hindustan has also acquired a large number of companies and one of its largest acquisition is the Pratappur Sugarand Industries Limited which is located in UP’s Deoria district. It is Asia’s oldest plant with a crushing capacity of 3,200 TCD. Post acquisition the capacity had doubled.

As the revenue is increasing on every quarter, we can expect a good return in the future. The share price target for 2030 will be 51.2 to 53.

Fundamentals of Bajaj Hindustan

Fundamentals play a pivotal part when analyzing a company. Let’s look at the critical ratios of Bajaj Hindusthan

ROCE and ROE – The ROCE is at -0.14 % and the ROE is at -11.2%. Both ROCE and ROC are very poor and the company is not making any net income.

The stock P/E is nill because the company is not making any income.

Revenue split of Bajaj Hindustan

  1. 76% of its revenue comes from sugar products in 2022
  2. 13% revenue from the power sector.
  3. Distillery contributes 11% of the total revenue.

Industry Overview

The sugar cane industry is growing at a rate of 5.2 % CAGR. The sector has been deeply affected due to the pandemic as the supply of raw materials halted. According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association, 365 lakh tonnes of sugar will be produced during the 2022–2023 sugar season.

So, the industry is ever-growing because of the increase in consumption and rise in fuel demand.

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar’s competitors

The sugar sector is dominated by a large number of companies. The sugar sector is a very cost-effective sector, where prices can change drastically. Let’s look at some of its competitors.

  1. EID Parry
  2. Balarampur Chmni mills
  3. Triveni Engineering
  4. Banna Amman Sugars
  5. Dalmia Bharat sugars

Is Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar a good buy

The sugar sector stocks are undoubtedly the best buy for the long term. However, the company has a severe outstanding loan 1,113.33Cr and a short-term term debt of 4683.53Cr. Things are not looking in the favor of the company. Its worth noting that the company is improving to payoffs its debt with installments.


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