You are currently viewing Auto Invest in Digital Gold every time you do your regular shopping in PayNav.

Auto Invest in Digital Gold every time you do your regular shopping in PayNav.

With technology simplifying day by day, managing wealth and investments has become more accessible. Particularly Fintech startups are highly benefiting from this transition. But there are not many firms that are adding worth to the investors. 

This is where Naveen has pitched his idea of filling the gap between spending and investing. 

A graduate of MGSM Sydney, Naveen started his career as an engineer and built his career in finance and operations. As Naveen was working in Sydney, he began to think about whether to choose between an international career as a consultant and remaining an NRI or pick up entrepreneurship and hustle day and night in his own country. In the end, with now or never, he decided to go with the second option.

Naveen is the solo founder with the co-founding team including his wife Vineeta and his CIO Ajay Singh.

Making Investments unchallenging

Investments are generally made when people are truly interested in them. In order to do so, they have to go to the relevant app and wait for a particular time before placing the money. But with Paynav you can do it whenever you do your regular shopping.

“Our motto is very easy, people do a lot of online shopping every single day from groceries to luxuries. The common needs to comfortable wants, all need to be bought. We automate shopping into investments depositing a bit of the spent money in their portfolio by investing in 24k Digital Gold. ( Gold is a safe investment unlike stocks n crypto) We curate plans for users to save enough money to buy important stuff ( travel, Mac book, a bike, or a dream house) and help them execute and reach their desired financial goals” Naveen says. Their end goal is not to make you rich but to make you financially viable (not struggling financially).

No matter what economic uncertainty arises, gold can withstand it. Even when the pandemic broke out, Gold fell negligible compared to the stock markets and real estate. Additionally, gold can be used as an investment hedge to balance a portfolio.

With Paynav, an investor gets free 24k digital gold whenever they shop in it. It has more than 500+ brands like Amazon, Swiggy, Big Basket, Uber, and more.


can directly invest in 24k digital gold for as low as 10 rupees to speed up his journey to achieve his desired financial goals.

Talking about the growth and projection

Paynav still has a long way to go. With just 100+ sales the Gross Transactional value has crossed 1,35,000 rupees. Paynav has magnificent recording growth from the tier 4 cities where there are 3500+ installs.

Paynav wants to build a digital bank in which they are aiming to reach at least half a billion Indians, their end goal is not to make people rich but to make them financially viable (not struggling financially).

Talking about how you are different from your competitors?

Naveen said “We help regular shopping turn into investments by giving free 24K digital gold unlike others asking them to invest their own money. Every human needs to buy stuff/ Every human needs savings and investments for a viable future. We make the second one free and automated from the first one”

Awards list

Paynav was awarded entrepreneur in residence by the Department of science and technology.

 final runner-ups of the Startup Karnataka grant

Top 10 most promising fintech startups of the year.


Paynav has raised an undisclosed amount in their Angel round. But aiming to raise preseed in their next round.


Varun is a stock market enthusiast and passionate writer. He has 2+ years of experience in writing about stock market and personal finance.

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