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Making money from youtube in different ways is a desired wish for most YouTubers. It really helps to build passive income alongside. Some even left their primary job to switch full-time a youtube because of the wealth they make through it.

Making money through youtube in 9 ways

Monetization to make money on youtube

Youtube shorts

Join me button on Youtube

Selling products on the products page or store

Brand promotion

Selling your own products

Superchat Youtube

Conducting events

Diverting traffic to a personal website

Let us look at in detail one by one

  1. Monetization to make money on youtube

Youtube has a monetization system where you can earn a decent amount of money through the views you get and the ads that play on your videos. Generally, it all depends upon the CPC (Cost per click) of your videos. If CPC is $1 then you will get $1 per 1000 views. So, it all depends upon the country you are living in and which niche you are selected. Finance videos have a higher reach than normal vlogs.

1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

  1. Youtube shorts

Youtube pays a lucrative amount of money for people who create youtube shots. Generally, youtube shots have massive reach and interest from people. So, youtube shorts can get more impressions compared to normal videos. Youtube shorts monetization rules

At least have 1000 subscribers

10 million views in less than 90 days counted.

  1. Join me button on Youtube

Youtube has an amazing feature youtube join button appears just below the subscribe button. You can customize and set plans in ascending order or even with a single plan. With this join button, you can give some benefits like priority replies, badges, or live sessions for your paid subscribers. 

Requirements to enable Youtube join button

  • The channel must have at least 30,000 subscribers or 1,000 for gaming channels.
  • The channel must be associated with the Partner program and should not be set up for kids.
  1. Selling products on the products page or store

You can set up a shop option on one of your youtube channels page and products that you are wanting to sell. 

Influential YouTubers sell customized mugs and t-shirts having prints of their brand name or image belonging to them. It is also one way to make money

  1. Brand promotion

Brand promotion means promoting a brand through your channel by reviewing its product or service. Most well-known YouTubers do this to earn a lucrative amount even higher than their monetization. Depending upon your subscribers and views you will get paid. For example, a channel containing 100k subscribers can charge 10,000 rupees for one promotional video.

Youtube brand promotion examples

  1. Product promotion
  2. Service promotion
  3. Channel promotion

  1. Selling your own products

YouTube niches may affect how you sell your products. For instance, if you run a health-related video, then showing a health-related product on your channel could sell the product. I can say the same for different channels.

  1. Superchat Youtube

In live streaming, super chats are paid for by subscribers or viewers. It can be in the form of stickers and directly selecting the amount they wish to pay for you. Google takes 30% of your super chats and gives you the remaining 70%. In Youtube super chats a pop-up message will be appeared in the live comment section highlighting their comment on top of the chat bar. Here you can give them a reply directly for their contribution.

To Enable this feature a channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

  1. Conducting events

Conducting events means conducting paid meetups or exclusive live streams. Most YouTubers conduct mega-events by selling their courses in a hotel or meetup space. For this, they charge a certain amount per head for entry.

  1. Diverting traffic to a personal website

The website will also have a google ad sense account that too without any difficulties. Some YouTubers will also do blogging to earn money. To get traffic for the website, they will recommend their website citing “for more information visit our website”. You can even do that.

These are the different ways to make money on youtube.

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