• 6 Pre-wedding shoot locations in Karimnagar

6 best Pre-wedding shoot locations in Karimnagar

You can find Pre-wedding shoot locations in Karimnagar rarely because the market in Karimnagar is not saturated like Hyderabad and Siddipet. But let’s the top 6 locations for the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Karimnagar

Manair dam

Manair dam is the largest dam in Karimnagar and is situated in the southwest part. The bank of Manair dam is an amazing location with surroundings having one side with water and one side with a state highway.

Preferable timings – Early morning and sunset

Elegandal fort

Fort Elgandal, also known as Elgandal kila, is located 15 kilometers from the city center. From the top of Elgandal fort, you can see a good view of the surrounding area. Those who want to make use of the majority of the Manair dam for their video backgrounds should definitely go to Elgandal kila. 

Preferable timings – early mornings and late evenings

Ujwala park

Ujwala park is located decide the bypass road that connects the Hyderabad highway and Warangal route. Ujwala park is a greenery park that has beautiful locations with trees, a small lake, and many more. For anyone who wants to cover greenery in their video, then Ujwala park is one stop destination in Karimnagar. Most of the pre-wedding shoots happen in Ujwala park every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to get space for your shoot. So, visit on working days rather than weeks offs.

Preferable timings – Early morning and mid-afternoon

Deer park

The Deerpark is just adjacent to Ujwala park on the Bypass route. The specialty of the deer park is it contains numerous animals and mainly birds. There is also a boating facility available in the deer park.

Cable bridge

It is similar in appearance to the one that was opened in Hyderabad, a newly built cable bridge in Karimnagar. But in terms of length, the Karimnagar cable bridge stands at the top.

It can be suitable for one part of your video.

Tollgate Restaurant

Located alongside the Karimnagar-Hyderabad highway, Tollgate is a newly opened restaurant. The Tollgate restaurant is also preferable for shoots because some spots are dedicated to taking pictures.