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I am attaching a PDF file that contains valuable information about Candlestick patterns. These patterns are commonly utilized in the stock market to analyze the movement of shares. A green candle resembles a positive move and a red candle resembles a negative move.

These candle sticks have invested in Japan a long back ago. Still, now these candle sticks are widely used in most of the country’s stock market exchanges. It is important to mention that there are numerous candlestick patterns utilized to evaluate the value of a stock.

Candlestick patterns are a mix of green and red candle patterns. These candle patterns have a long wick on the both top and bottom.

What candle stick patterns are covered in this pdf

How to download candlestick patterns pdf

To download the free candle stick patterns, visit thewallstreeteye.com and search for 21 candlestick patterns PDF downloads. In that post, you can find the link to download it for free.


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