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16 Best penny shares in 2023

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In general, penny shares are preferred by most investors because of their lower pricing and high returns. In addition, they are often chosen as long-term investments since they may not generate returns, and they may not affect the entire portfolio. Nevertheless, if one of them proves to be a multi-bagger, the losses are all covered by huge profits.

Penny shares

Penny shares are generally classified as shares that have less than 100rupees share value. A share that has less than 100 is called a Penny share. Otherwise, a share that sits in the bracket of two digits is also called a penny share.


  1. Easy returns
  2. Potential to grow at a rapid pace
  3. The low value tends to give more returns


  1. Huge risk
  2. High manipulating
  3. Cannot predict the growth
  4. High volatility

Penny shares list

  • Mishtann Foods Ltd
  • LKP securities
  • Vikas Lifecare Ltd
  • SBC Exports
  • Vishal fabrics
  • Facor Alloys
  • KBC Global Ltd
  • Galactico Corporate Services Ltd
  • RRIL Ltd
  • Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd
  • Steel Exchange India Ltd
  • One Point One Solutions Ltd
  • Madhav Infra Projects Ltd
  • Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd
  • Pritika Auto Industries Ltd
  • Integra Essentia Ltd

1) Mishtann Foods Ltd

About Company

The company was initially incorporated in February 1981 as HICS Cements Private Limited (HCPL), the company was initially a manufacturer of cement. In January 2015, some of the existing promoters took over the management and changed the name to Mishtann Foods Limited (MFL). It is an agro-product company in India involved in the manufacturing, processing & trading of rice, wheat, and other food grains with its primary focus on branded basmati rice.

2) LKP securities

About Company

LKP Securities Ltd was established in 1948. It is a financial services firm engaged in the Stock Broking business and operates on a pan-India basis through its various franchises and stores. The Company also offers research-based equity advisory and trading services to individuals, corporates, and retail clients.

3) Vikas Lifecare Ltd

About Company

Vikas Lifecare Ltd ( formerly Vikas Lifecare Limited) is principally engaged in the business of manufacturing and trading Plastic, polymer and chemicals, and Plastic Products. It has also started dealing in FMCG Products like aluminum foils, and processed food products.

4) SBC Exports

About Company

SBC Exports Ltd was incorporated in 2011. It is engaged in the Trading and Manufacturing of Garments, Manpower Supply Services & Tour Operator Services. Currently, co. has 70 distributors in India and receives an average of 75 new projects every year. Mr. Govindji Gupta is the MD of the co.

5) Vishal fabrics

About Company

Vishal Fabrics Ltd (VFL) is engaged in manufacturing and selling various Textile products like Dyed yarn, Denim Fabrics, and job work of Textile products.

6) Facor Alloys

About Company

The company is primarily engaged in the business of Ferro Alloys and manufactures ferrochrome. Ferro alloys are essential ingredients for the manufacturing of Stainless Steel. The company has the capacity to produce 72,500 M.T. Ferro alloys per annum. Manufacturing Unit is located in Garividi, district Vizianagaram (Andhra Pradesh)

7) KBC Global Ltd

About Company

The Co. is a part of the Karda Group located in Nashik, Maharashtra. It is engaged in the business of residential & commercial real estate development and the development of construction contracts. It caters to all segments from low to premium.

8) Galactico Corporate Services Ltd

About Company

Galactico Corporate Services Ltd is a SEBI Registered (Category-I) Merchant Banker that provides Investment Banking, Transaction Advisory, Valuation, and Business Modeling services.

9) RRIL Ltd

About Company

RRIL Limited, founded in the year 1991, as Associated Textile Rubber Products Limited, is in the business of Textile Business and Real Estate Redevelopment activities in the state of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

10) Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd

About Company

Established in the year 1995, Syncom Formulations is a global pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets a broad range of healthcare products. The company is a generic pharmaceutical player operating in more than 15 countries worldwide having more than 400 products registered.

11) Steel Exchange India Ltd

About Company

Incorporated in 1999, Steel Exchange India Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of steel and related products and the generation of power.

12) One Point One Solutions Ltd

About Company

One Point One Solutions Ltd is specialized in the business of Customer Life cycle management, Business Process Management, and Technology Servicing.

13) Madhav Infra Projects Ltd

About Company

Madhav Infra Projects Limited, formerly known as Myraj Consultancy Ltd., is engaged in the business of infrastructure development and solar power generation. It is the in-house EPC arm of the Madhav group. The company is also a developer-cum-operator of solar power projects and undertakes O&M of road, solar, and hydropower projects.

14) Lloyds Steels Industries Ltd

About Company

Established in 1974, Lloyds Steels Industries is primarily engaged in the design, Manufacturing, and Commissioning of heavy equipment, machinery & systems for the HydroCarbon Sector, Oil & Gas, Steel Plants, Power Plants, Nuclear Plant Boilers, and Turnkey Projects.

15) Pritika Auto Industries Ltd

About Company

Pritika Auto Industries is engaged in the manufacturing of tractors and automobile components. It is among the leading manufacturers of machined castings in India.

16) Integra Essentia Ltd

About Company

Incorporated in 2007, Integra Essentia Ltd is in the business of Life Essentials viz., Food (Agro Products), Clothing (Textiles and Garments), Infrastructure (Materials and Services for Construction and Infrastructure Development), and Energy (Materials, Products, and Services
for Renewable Energy Equipment and Projects).


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