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10 necessary tips to become a successful real estate agent

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10 necessary tips to become a successful real estate agent

Real Estate is the second most contributed sector in India with 16.9% of GDP in 2021. The market is so wide that by 2030 it gonna reach a $1 trillion market value as per the estimates.

Real Estate is comprised of Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, and warehouses.

Agents play the most significant part in real estate sales. They are like the backbone of the real estate industry

But most Real Estate agents still lack to convert a lead into a sale.

So, let us look 10 most necessary things to adopt to become a successful real estate agent.

  1. Be a professional 

Many people believe that real estate agents are little more than mediators who show properties and take commissions. When a person cannot find another job, it is perceived as being the least job.

But unlike in other sectors, sales is highly respected and given utmost priority in the business. Why because they increase sales of a product with their mindful plans and execution.

People who are increasing the sales of products costing 20 to 30 dollars are being given immense respect, so why isn’t a real estate agent treated the same way when selling homes worth a million dollars?

Man Tie Urban Business Fashion Suit Lifestyle

So, treat yourself as a professional real estate agent by showing professionalism in your career.

Wear a branded suit, a watch and more importantly carry a pen with you always.

  • At least try to speak in English in between communication.
  • Use Kerchief while sneezing in a decent manner. 
  • Take your own vehicle while visiting the site.
  1. Check reality at ground level

Before approaching customers, try to get an idea about the land appreciation value and the rental income on the cornered property. Know the ground reality of the place like the distance from the flat to any nearby school, hospital, malls, etc… because most of the people who look to buy a property will ask these questions. You must always be prepared to answer every question raised by your customers and satisfy them.

  1. Maintain healthy relations with the customers

 The key to maintaining healthy relationships is to treat them as if they are your family and guide them through the process. The more trust your customers have in you, the more likely they are to refer another customer to you. 

Considering you were instrumental in helping him secure the best property, how could he/she forget you?

So, wish them on every occasion.

  1. Rules and regulations of the local body

When it comes to rules and regulations, not knowing them and not performing due diligence is like not wearing a helmet while batting There will be certain rules that a builder must follow on obligation.

Like RERA is one of the rules that a builder must follow.

So, it is your leadership to get to know the rules and examine if the property is constructed as per the directives.

  1. Compare your value with your customers

Comparing the price variation and the amenities difference is also important when selling a home.

There is a 99% chance that a customer will ask about the differences between the two properties.

Get a few brochures from the surrounding properties and analyze the price variation.

Because an ideal customer will visit at least 10 properties before making any deal.

  1. Maintain Transparency and clarity

Make sure that any price quotation is transparent before committing. In order to favor your sale, you may offer some amenities that were not included in the deal, but in the end, the customer will suffer for a lifetime.

There will be negative remarks all over social media about you, and he won’t recommend you to any of his friends. It is likely that you will lose 100 deals in order to get one.

  1. Identify the right property buyer

This is the blunder mistake that most of the agents follow. 

Without knowing the right buyer they will show the property.

Let’s say a person approaches you about a flat and asks to see the site. There is, however, one twist: it is really his father who funds the property. Therefore, you must determine who is going to purchase the property.

  1. Payments and agreements

Ask them whether they are going to go for a bank loan or direct cash. 

When it comes to cash, how much will they be willing to pay upfront right away within a few days?

For whom do they want to register the property and is the person available right now? 

So, figure out all the questions you need to ask to clarify the payments and agreements.

  1. Maintain a permanent mobile number and address

As a real estate agent, an office must be established to settle the agreement between the buyer and the seller. 

Maintain a proper phone number that is to only be used for making calls to your clients. Use another for your personal.

  1. Upskill every day

Last but not least, keep upskilling every day. It is the only thing that can make you survive in this high competition market. Watch the news on real estate and what is the growth that is recorded in your city, especially your dealing area. 

Without upskilling, you cannot survive at least in the real estate sector.